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Our Mission Statement:​To create a safe place for everyone to express, heal, connect, and learn what your soul needs for your highest good.​

Inner Glow Healing & Wellness Retreat
Buckhorn, Ontario
October 20-22, 2023

Tap into the Spirit World 

Open to all levels of experience - beginner to advanced!

Why Attend?

Emerge fearlessly and confidently with the powerful teachings including:

Sunset Buddha Statue
Meditation Group
Yoga Class

Learn the Spirit World


Spiritual Practice


Learn how the spirit world works, what our guides do for us and how to utilize them. Discover how to protect your energy, dismantle energy blocks, and break free from anxiety or depression energy lines. Feel the incredible difference when you align yourself with the universe/spirit.

We’ll take the pressure out of meditation and for some fun! Time to debunk the do's and dont's of how to meditate and enjoy it. Relax during a singing bowl session, and learn about our chakras and how they affect us. During this time, we will also work through traumas, journaling, and re-programming our subconscious from our everyday negative thoughts.

Become knowledgeable in creating a spiritual practice and avoiding
spiritual bypassing. Experience how saging is performed and its benefits, and participate in a burning ceremony.

We can't forget about self-care! We will also get pampered with a one-hour yoga/stretching session and a group reiki session.

Why Attend?

 Reap Transformational Benefits

Embarking on a spiritual journey, allows you to connect with yourself, learn your inner power, and disconnect from everyday life. Gain the knowledge and tools to flow through the most difficult times more easily. Bring out your inner glow through the connection with spirit and the universe while aligning and learning the power of healing.

Retreat Location 

Located on a beautiful private 100 acre beachfront lake in

Buckhorn, Ontario!


Join us October 22-23 for this two day life transforming retreat! Check in is anytime after 6pm on the 20th and checkout is no later than 6pm on the 22nd! This is an all inclusive retreat, shared accommodations, all meals and snacks included. 


 About Me

Welcome, I am thrilled the universe has brought you here. Through the guidance of spirit and the universe I am excited  to be able to provide the most diverse and complete spiritual healing and guidance to help you live your best life and break free of the fear of change and the unknown in our futures.

Nicole is a successful psychic medium and spiritual teacher  here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters, through alignment, readings, singing bowls, and teaching you how to trust in the universe!

Nicole is AMAZING!! I’ve had several mediumship readings in the past and not a single one has been able to connect with my daughter like she did tonight. It was phenomenal and I will definitely be back for more in the future!


Services Offered

Experience You Can Trust

Tarot Readings

Not sure where to start? This is the perfect intro into readings and to get insight on your current situation!

$40 for 15 min 

Flowers on Wood

Intuitive Readings 30 min


This intuitive reading will give you guidance on your current life situations, while looking into your past, present, and future.


Intuitive Readings 1 hour 


This is an extended session of the 30 min reading with the potential of mediumship (no guarantees)



Alignment Session

1 hour alignment sessions are a great way to learn how to align with the universe, learn how to listen to the universe, and learn how to break energy lines so fear, anxiety, and depression is not running your life.

$140 1hr

Transform Your Life Course!
This is a 4 week one-on-one course with me!


Image by Aditya Saxena
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